Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nuno Day at the Parish Room

Yesterday, I held a Nuno Felting Workshop locally here in Shipley where we made some beautiful scarves...boy was it hard work and there was even ....a bit of a failure...but on the whole it was SO worth the blood, sweat and tears!!

BEFORE!!  look at the little pile of ingredients!!

A close up of the muslins and the stripey silk chiffon

Starting with a six foot long or more pice of cotton open weave muslin or a silk chiffon, we first created and played with colour and texture and density...and then for at least an hour we rolled, rubbed, soaked, more rubbing and rolling, threw and rubbed some more...until the most beautiful scarves started to shape up, felt up...and we all cheered!!

There is something very euphoric about creating something really beautiful..your own design..your own energy.

Check out the shrinkage on this one! the green line represents the original cloth size!

The cotton gauzy muslin produced lovely results somewhat easier than the silk chiffon. Two people chose the silk. It took an age to felt and one piece especially appeared to reject all fibres - so much so that afer a long time we called it a day as every fibre looked like it was coming away. The other took what seemed like hours.. and hours and in the end 3 people at once were rubbing and willing and praying for these fibres to work their magic...and eventually a combination of many hands, brute force, hard work and determination payed off and a beautiful nuno silk scarf was born. PHEW!!!!

I don't unfortunately have a picture of the completed silk scarf but I will try and get one of it in its finished state and preferably modelled!!  (If you are reading this Patricia....any chance??!!)

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