Sunday, 6 March 2011

Beautiful Bunting!

 Saturday saw the first felting group of the year at the Parish Room in Shipley, Derbyshire. Inspired by joyous shades in colourful bunting, the group began choosing their colours and deciding what to create..

Freya took the spring flowers as her starting point for her double sided piece..

Sam took her inpriration from the citrus family!

Ella and Trisha making the embellishments for the reverse of their fabric - all complicated stuff!! This was brain training indeed!

Becky making a start on her final layer with embellishments

Zoe was capturing one of the 4 temprements with only
                                          2 colours, green and blue... she pulled it off marvellously!
Christina 's beautiful spring colours in the round...

Sally's georgeous purples and lilacs

Nina's front of her felting
Bec's final touches

The front of Ella's work

Harriet pulled it off! Intricate patterns both in reverse and right way round too... Fabulous!

Zoe's finished piece has the dramatic energy of a Van Gogh! (I reckon!)

Freya's glorious crocuses ready to be turned into spring bunting!
Trisha's piece ready to divide into flags and have the gingham ribbon sewn on
Nina's bright pink reverse side of her felt


  1. A felted bunting is a great idea! What a luscious assortment of pieces here.

  2. Thanks Robin, its the perfect material! a double sided piece of cloth with gradients of colour and pattern on both sides ...just ideal for producing little flags of different colours and designs ALL from one piece of work!!